Loan Participation Investment Program

Bogdan Capital also forms loan participations with strategic investors who are interested in high-yield, short-term debt secured by well-located, urban and transit-oriented properties. To-date, Bogdan Capital has raised over $40 million in discretionary capital from high-net worth individuals through loan participation investments that mimic a traditional real estate investment fund. Investor funds are highly disciplined in focus, and the investment funds are strongly aligned with that of the sponsor. All investments are screened and underwritten to adhere to Bogdan Capital’s strict investment criteria.

  • Our depth of experience in development, via our development arm, is one of our primary core competencies. We’re experienced developers looking to invest capital that will generate superior risk adjusted returns.
  • Bogdan Capital has a perfect track record, spanning over 28 years, in returning 100% of investor funds.
  • Our loan participation investment program can fund projects ranging from $250,000 through $10 million and beyond, and we are continually looking to create strategic partnerships with new investors.