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Welcome to Bogdan Capital

Welcome to Bogdan Capital

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Your Construction Financing Solution

As a Bogdan Builders affiliate, Bogdan Capital is a real estate investment firm, providing financing solutions to borrowers who invest in transit-oriented properties with high-return potential. We also offer varying investment programs that yield exceptional returns to qualified investors.

Why Bogdan Capital?

Construction Plans

Fast Approval Times

Bogdan Capital can pre-approve your deal within 24 hours of receiving a completed application.



We are a relationship driven lender and investor, seeking to cultivate long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial.​

Architectural Modelling



We take pride in that we guide our borrowers to achieving success. We are experienced developers who understand the complexities in real estate development.


Market Intelligence

We have the ability to make quick, informed decisions based on our deep knowledge of the local real estate market.


Frequently Asked Questions


Joint Venture Partnerships

If you own a site and/or property that has development potential, and if you are interested in forming a lasting venture partnership with one of the leading local real estate development firms, we would love to hear from you. 

Bogdan Capital targets high-yield real estate opportunities with return potentials of 10.0%+, at minimum. We seek properties that are transit-oriented in nature, located in high-growth urban areas. We also seek to acquire undercapitalized assets that can be repositioned within a short-time frame utilizing the experience and strength of our development arm, Bogdan Builders.

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